Boeing Corporation

Wingspan103 feet 9 inches
Length74 feet 9 inches
Height19 feet 1 inches
Power4 Wright/Cyclone R1820 Radials
Speed287 MPH

The Boeing B-17 was a high altitude strategic bomber used extensively in WWII. Over 12.731 were produced in all from 1935 to 1945. Fully loaded the B-17 was 72,000 pound but this cut the overall range with the maximum load from 3400 miles to 1100 miles. The bomber underwent extensive modifications from the first production model in 1935 up to the B-17G delivered in 1944 near the end of the war. During WWII, B-17’s flew 291,000 sorties and dropped 640,036 tons of bombs on enemy targets. 4,688 aircraft were lost in combat.