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  • 30

    Afterburn Delight

    Knowing in advance the flight routine of a performer can help you be ready to capture some really unique shots. This F/A-18 Super Hornet from the USN Blue Angels...

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  • 28

    Dusk on the flightline

    Sometimes, long after the crowd clears and the planes have taxied to a stop on the tarmac, you can find some great photography. One dozen B-25 Mitchell bombers were...

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  • 08

    Corsair Flightline

    It was to be one of the largest gatherings of Corsairs in the world since WWII. Over 25 different Corsairs from Vaught and Goodyear were lined up on the...

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  • 19

    F-35 Lightning Vapes

    During the performance by the F-35 Lightning Demo Team, the pilot was pushing the plane to its limits in an effort to demonstrate the versatility of this stealth tactical...

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  • 17

    BTS B-25 Mitchell

    August 2021. The Thunder Over Michigan airshow was back after a two year COVID hiatus. This years theme was highlighting the B25 Mitchell. Prior to the public opening of...

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