FAQ Questions

Can I contract you to photograph my aircraft?

Most definitely! Whether you need a shot of your prized aircraft on the ground or a print for you home or office, I would be happy to work with you to achieve you goal.  As every experience is different, please contact me for pricing and a quote along with what the requirements will be to achieve your goal.

Can I use one of your images for print or editorial work?

Absolutely!  Please select the image you would like to use from the main hangar gallery or our portfolio and contact me with information on how you intend to use the image.  Once determined I can better present pricing and how to obtain your preferred image.

What do you charge for your ediitng fee?

Upon the completion of your project, the work is only half done.  The captured images are shot in RAW format and need to be finalized with sharpening, color adjustments and a change of format.  This process often takes more time than the actual shoot.  As a business, that time needs to be accounted for and thus the editing fee is added based on the time spent to bring you rimage to its final result.

Do you have more questions?